CELERY: Appears in all stocks, therefore sauces and as a microherb.
GLUTEN: Appears in our bread and flour based desserts. Also in beer batter, tempura (and therefore chips) and certain sauces.
CRUSTACEANS: We regularly us a variety of crustaceans including, but not limited to, crab, prawns, langoustines, in whole, powder or sauce form. Omission or substitution is not a problem.
EGG: Are used in entire form in some dishes and may be substituted with ease. They are present in many pastry preparations as well as mayonnaise based sauces.
FISH: is the main protein in many dishes. The only option is to avoid these dishes.
LUPIN: Found in certain flours used in baking. Substitution is easy.
MILK: Is used in the preparation of certain dishes. Substitution is easy.
MOLLUSCS: May occasionally be the main protein in certain dishes. Substitution is easy.
MUSTARD: Is used in certain vinaigrettes and mayonnaise based sauces.
NUTS: Are used in the kitchen. Trace elements may occur in everything but substitution is easy.
PEANUTS: Are often served with appertives. Inform of allergy and avoid.
SESAME SEEDS: Are used in the kitchen in all sections of the kitchen, from starters to deserts and certain breads.
SOYA: Used as a texturiser or emulsifier in certain dishes. Also used in soy based sauces/ dishes. Substitution is easy.
SULPHUR DIOXIDE: Found in beer which is used for the preparation of the batter for certain dishes. These dishes should be avoided.
The kitchen team and waiting staff are always on hand to discuss substitutions and options available to you.